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Algorithm in SimplexNumerica

Curve and surface algorithm are important topics in SimplexNumerica for geometric modelling and visualization courses. The Algorithm functions in SimplexNumerica, especially the Interpolation and Approximation algorithm providing another level of sophistication.

In many situations such as surface re-engineering and facial movement animation, you may specify a set of data points that describes a desired shape (e.g., surface model) through any probing or scanning, and obtain a surface that contains all data points. Interpolation is also important in computer animation. An animator may specify a number of key camera positions and orientations (i.e., key frames), interpolate these positions with any Spline curve (i.e., camera path), and interpolate the key frames with additional frames. While interpolation can produce a curve/surface that follows the shape of the data points, it may oscillate or wiggle its way through every point. Approximation can overcome this problem so that the curve/surface still captures the shape of the data points without containing all of them.

SimplexNumerica provides the following algorithm:

User Interface

Shows you where you can find and how to call the algorithm.

Function Plot

Plotting formulas inside a chart.

Smith Diagram

Shows you how you can use the Smith diagram in SimplexNumerica and the algorithm behind.




Surface Fit


Outlier Test

Convex Hull

Data Reduction / Polyline Simplification

Math Routines

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